Peyton Griffin

Peyton Griffin is Jazz pianist who loves to create, perform, and connect with people. For Peyton, Jazz gives a voice to his creativity. His endless musical ideas allow for a continuous creative pursuit. In his own words,

"Jazz allows anyone to be themselves...every artist has a unique voice ...Jazz allows anyone to really make their voice heard. Jazz also is an evolving art... you have the freedom to take what exists, and make it your own."

21 year old Peyton Griffin grew up in Bothell, Washington, just outside of Seattle. Before discovering Jazz, Peyton was trained in classical music. He found inspiration in Wolfgang Amadeus, Mozart, and Ludwig Van Beethoven. As his musical tastes shifted, he discovered impressionism and romanticism, and began listening to composers such as Tchaikovsky and Chopin. Moving into more contemporary genres, Peyton enjoys singer-songwriters and Pop artists, taking inspiration from artists such as Jimmy Van Heusen and Glen Campbell. In Jazz, being Peyton's main genre, his biggest influences are Bill Evans and Vince Guaraldi. He also appreciates Sonny Rollins and Lee Morgan, and albums such as "Wave" by Antônio Carlos Jobim and "Alone" by Bill Evans.

Starting Out Early

Peyton began playing the piano at age six, training with classical music. He would go on to experiment with percussion, trumpet and the violin. Eventually he chose the piano as his primary instrument.