Peyton Griffin is a 21 year old Jazz pianist and composer from Seattle, Washington. Peyton currently studies Jazz composition and performance at Berklee College of Music. His biggest inspirations are Bill Evans and Vince Guaraldi. Peyton uses Jazz as his ultimate form of creative expression, allowing the music to tell his stories and express his voice.


Meet The Trio

Peyton Griffin Trio is a Jazz group formed by three students, Peyton Griffin, Richie Noyes, and Dylan Tamaroff, at Berklee College of Music. The Trio, based out of Boston, MA, primarily plays standards and original compositions written by the members. With inspiration from Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, the Peyton Griffin Trio brings fresh energy into the world of Jazz.

New Music

Peyton Griffin records for several artists, including Chance of Rain, YELLOW, and Peyton Griffin Trio. He is currently working on recording and releasing new projects with Peyton Griffin Trio and other artists. The Trio recordings consist of a mix of original Jazz compositions written by the Trio members, and classic Jazz standards with new arrangements written by Peyton Griffin.

Photos & Videos

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